(235 ILCS 5/7-13) (from Ch. 43, par. 156)
    Sec. 7-13. Granting licenses after revocation; waiting period; discretion. When any license shall have been revoked for any cause, no license shall be granted to any person for the period of one year thereafter for the conduct of the business of manufacturing, distributing, or selling alcoholic liquor in the premises described in the revoked license unless the revocation order has been vacated or unless the revocation order was entered as to the licensee only.
    Nothing in this Section shall prohibit the issuance of a retail license authorizing the sale of alcoholic liquor incidental to a restaurant if (1) the primary business of the restaurant consists of the sale of food where the sale of liquor is incidental to the sale of food and the applicant is a completely new owner of the restaurant, (2) the immediately prior owner or operator of the premises where the restaurant is located operated the premises as a restaurant and held a valid retail license authorizing the sale of alcoholic liquor at the restaurant for at least part of the 24 months before the change of ownership, and (3) the restaurant is located 75 or more feet from a school.
(Source: P.A. 91-623, eff. 1-1-00.)