(235 ILCS 5/6-7) (from Ch. 43, par. 124)
    Sec. 6-7. No manufacturer or distributor or importing distributor or foreign importer shall sell or deliver any package containing alcoholic liquor manufactured or distributed by him unless the same shall have affixed thereto all cancelled revenue stamps which may be provided by Federal law, and shall also bear thereon a clear and legible label containing the name and address of the manufacturer, the kind of alcoholic liquor contained therein, and in the case of alcoholic liquor (other than beer and imported Scotch whiskey and brandy 4 years old or more) the date when manufactured and the minimum alcoholic content thereof. No person or persons, corporation, partnership or firm shall label alcoholic liquor as "whiskey" or "gin" or shall import for sale or shall sell in this State alcoholic liquor labeled as "whiskey" or "gin" unless the entire alcoholic content thereof, except flavoring materials, is a distillate of fermented mash of grain or mixture of grains. Alcoholic liquor of the type of whiskey or gin not conforming to this requirement must be labeled "imitation whiskey" or "imitation gin" (as the case may be). No spirits shall contain any substance, compound or ingredient which is injurious to health or deleterious for human consumption. No package shall be delivered by any manufacturer or distributor or importing distributor or foreign importer unless the same shall be securely sealed so that the contents thereof cannot be removed without breaking the seal so placed thereon by said manufacturer, and no other licensee shall sell, have in his possession, or use any package or container which does not comply with this Section or does not bear evidence that said package, when delivered to him, complied herewith.
(Source: P.A. 82-783.)