(235 ILCS 5/11-2) (from Ch. 43, par. 194)
    Sec. 11-2. The Act in relation to the manufacture, possession and sale of malt and vinous beverages, approved April 26, 1933, as amended is hereby repealed. All other laws in conflict with this Act, or any of the provisions hereof, in so far as such laws and parts thereof are in conflict herewith, are hereby repealed.
    The repeal of the Act in this section named shall not affect the obligation to pay any taxes imposed by said Act on account of malt and vinous beverages manufactured or sold prior to the effective date of such repeal, but all the provisions of this Act relating to the imposition and collection of such taxes and penalties for failure to report and pay such taxes shall remain in effect in so far as they relate to such taxes so imposed and collectible under said "Malt and Vinous Beverage Act.".
(Source: P.A. 82-783.)