(230 ILCS 10/13.05)
    Sec. 13.05. Withholding of delinquent child support.
    (a) From winnings required to be reported to the Internal Revenue Service on Form W-2G, an owners licensee or a licensee that operates one or more facilities or gaming locations at which lawful gambling is authorized as provided in this Act shall withhold up to the full amount of winnings necessary to pay the winner's past due child support amount as certified by the Department of Healthcare and Family Services under Section 10-17.15 of the Illinois Public Aid Code. Amounts withheld shall be paid to the Department of Healthcare and Family Services by the owners licensee or casino operator licensee, as applicable.
    (b) For withholding of winnings, the licensee shall be entitled to an administrative fee not to exceed the lesser of 4% of the total amount of cash winnings paid to the gambling winner or $150.
    (c) In no event may the total amount withheld from the cash payout, including the administrative fee, exceed the total cash winnings claimed by the obligor. If the cash payout claimed is greater than the amount sufficient to satisfy the obligor's delinquent child support payments, the licensee shall pay the obligor the remaining balance of the payout, less the administrative fee authorized by subsection (b) of this Section, at the time it is claimed.
    (d) A licensee who in good faith complies with the requirements of this Section shall not be liable to the gaming winner or any other individual or entity.
    (e) Upon request of a licensed owner under this Act, an agent of the Board (such as a gaming special agent employed by the Board, a State police officer, or a revenue agent) shall be responsible for notifying the person identified as being delinquent in child support payments that the licensed owner is required by law to withhold all or a portion of his or her winnings. If given, this notification must be provided at the time the winnings are withheld.
    (f) The provisions of this Section shall be operative on and after the date that rules are adopted by the Department of Healthcare and Family Services pursuant to Section 10-17.15 of the Illinois Public Aid Code.
    (g) The delinquent child support required to be withheld under this Section and the administrative fee under subsection (b) of this Section have priority over any secured or unsecured claim on cash winnings, except claims for federal or State taxes that are required to be withheld under federal or State law.
(Source: P.A. 98-318, eff. 8-12-13.)