(225 ILCS 725/19.8) (from Ch. 96 1/2, par. 5430.3)
    Sec. 19.8. The purpose of the Plugging and Restoration Fund is to provide security in case the permittee fails to perform his duties under this Act. Expenditures from the Fund shall be made by the Department for the payment of costs for work undertaken under this Section and shall only occur as follows:
    (a) After the Department gives the permittee notice and an opportunity for hearing in accordance with Section 19.1 of this Act and finds that an abandoned well must be plugged, that a leaking well must be plugged, replugged, or repaired or that a well site must be restored, and after the permittee fails to perform the required plugging, replugging, repair, or restoration work within the time prescribed in Section 19.1 of the Act, the Department may elect to plug, replug, or repair the well or wells, and to restore the well site in accordance with the Department's rules.
    (b) The Department may elect to pay the cost of conducting tests and to take appropriate action to determine and temporarily correct the source of oil or salt water intrusion that may be caused by oil and gas operations into fresh water zones or onto the surface. Except in the case of an orphaned well, no expenditure may be made for this purpose unless a cessation order has been issued under Section 8a or 19.1, and the time within which abatement was required to be completed has expired.
    (c) The Department may elect to plug, replug, repair, or restore the well site of any orphan well, but only after a determination by the Department, in accordance with its rules, that the well is orphaned. In cases where no permittee can be identified or located and no contributions have been made to the fund attributable to the operation of the well, expenditures shall be limited to amounts attributable to earnings on monies in the Fund or from amounts in the Fund other than permittee contributions, unless those amounts are otherwise restricted.
(Source: P.A. 87-744.)