(225 ILCS 715/11) (from Ch. 96 1/2, par. 4512)
    Sec. 11. Bond forfeiture proceedings-Pre-requisites.
    The Attorney General, upon request of the Department, shall institute proceedings to have the bond of the operator forfeited for violation by the operator of any of the provisions of this Act or for non-compliance with any lawful rule or regulation promulgated by the Department thereunder. Before making such request of the Attorney General, the Department shall notify the operator in writing of the alleged violation or non-compliance and shall afford the operator the right to appear before the Department at a hearing to be held not less than 30 days after the receipt of such notice by the operator. At the hearing the operator may present for the consideration of the Department statements, documents and other information with respect to the alleged violation. After the conclusion of the hearing, the Department shall either withdraw the notice of violation or shall request the Attorney General to institute proceedings to have the bond of the operator forfeited as to the land involved.
    Any operator against whom forfeiture proceedings have been required should not be issued a permit for further surface mining in Illinois except if he provides additional assurances satisfactory to the Director that such proceedings shall not again become necessary.
(Source: P.A. 77-1568.)