(225 ILCS 710/43) (from Ch. 96 1/2, par. 4251)
    Sec. 43. Roof inspections. In all mines where stoping is done by the opening of chambers, the roof thereof being supported only by the walls of the chambers, or by pillars, it shall be the duty of the superintendent of the mine to detail a competent person to make a frequent inspection of the roof of those parts of the mine where people are employed, and said people so detailed shall be charged with the duty of dislodging any slabs or rock in said roof that have become loose. While such dislodging is being effected, the floor of the stope immediately beneath such loose rock shall be fenced off or otherwise adequately guarded: Provided, however, that it shall be the duty of every miner to care for the roof of the place where he or she is working.
    It shall also be the duty of the superintendent of the mine to cause daily inspection to be made by a competent person detailed for such purpose, of the roofs of stopes, inclined shafts, inclined winzes, and other workings used, and of the sides of shafts and winzes when any of these are used as traveling ways, and of the roofs of all drifts, adit levels, tunnels, and gangways, and that the person so detailed shall make the place safe.
(Source: P.A. 87-1133.)