(225 ILCS 710/42) (from Ch. 96 1/2, par. 4250)
    Sec. 42. Water closets. It shall be the duty of the operator of every mine, for the purpose of improving the sanitation thereof and preserving the health of those employed therein, to provide dry closets, water closets, or closet cars upon all main working levels for the use of all men and women employed in the mine. At least one such closet shall be provided for every 25 men employed within the mine and one for every 25 women. Ready means of access to each closet shall be provided by the operator. No closet shall be constructed without adequate provision for the effectual cleansing and removing of the contents thereof, which shall be removed and disposed of at least once in every day. It shall be the duty of the mine foreman to cause each dry closet to be supplied with some disinfectant or deodorizer to be sprinkled upon the contents thereof. It shall be the duty of all people employed within any mine where such closets are provided to use such closets exclusively when in the mine and the neglect or failure of any people employed in a mine to use such closets when provided shall constitute a misdemeanor. The neglect or failure of the operator of any mine to provide closets as required by this Section shall constitute a misdemeanor: Provided, however, that this Section shall not apply to any mine where the operator or superintendent prefers to permit the people to go to the surface, and requires the people so to do.
    Every stable or other place underground used for the housing of mules, horses, or other animals shall be thoroughly cleaned and the waste contents thereof removed to the surface at least every 24 hours.
    It shall also be the duty of the operator of every mine to provide a good quality of drinking water for the use of all people employed in the mine, a supply of which shall be provided on each main working level, and it shall be the further duty of the superintendent to cause such supply of drinking water to be adequately protected from contamination by dust and from promiscuous drinking from the supply vessel on the part of the people.
    It shall be the duty of the inspector of mines to see that the provisions of this Section are complied with, and in the event of noncompliance to institute the proper proceedings under Section 50 of this Act.
    The operator of every mine employing more than 50 people underground shall provide a dressing room or change house for the purpose of drying the clothing of the people employed in and about the mine, and such dressing room or change house shall be provided with adequate means of heating and lighting. Such dressing room or change house shall be available free of cost, at all reasonable hours. Separate dressing rooms or change houses shall be provided for men and women.
    Every person employed in a mine who damages or misuses, or fails to use when necessary, any appliances for the prevention of dust, fumes, or smoke, or any other sanitary appliances provided by the operator shall be deemed guilty of an offense under this Act.
(Source: P.A. 87-1133.)