(225 ILCS 710/35) (from Ch. 96 1/2, par. 4243)
    Sec. 35. All machinery used in or about the mine that when in motion would be dangerous to persons coming in contact therewith, such as engines, wheels, screens, shafting, gears, and belting, shall be guarded by a covering or railing so as to prevent persons from inadvertently walking against or falling upon the same. The sides of stairs, trestles, and dangerous plank walks, gangways, and platforms in and around the mine shall be provided with hand and guard railing to prevent persons from falling over the sides. This section shall not forbid the temporary removal of a fence, guard rail, or covering for the purpose of repairs or other operations, if proper precaution is used, and if the fence, guard rail, or covering be replaced immediately thereafter.
    It shall be the duty of the operator to carry out the provisions of this section, and failure to comply with the provisions of this section shall constitute a violation of this Act.
(Source: Laws 1921, p. 525.)