(225 ILCS 710/20) (from Ch. 96 1/2, par. 4227)
    Sec. 20. Qualified mining engineer. The operator of every mine shall appoint a qualified mining engineer either in an operating or consulting capacity whose duties shall be to examine into all mining operations within the limits of the mine and correct same whenever necessary so as to conform to recognized safe mining practice.
    Provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall prevent the owner or operator of any mine, or his appointed superintendent, from personally filling the office of mining engineer.
    The term "qualified mining engineer," when used in this Act, shall mean a person with at least 10 years practical experience in metalliferous or mineral mining, 5 of which shall have been in responsible charge of such operations.
    Provided, that active membership in the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers shall count as 6 years of practical experience or 3 years in charge of operations.
    And, provided further, that a certificate of graduation from a recognized mining college shall count as two years of practical experience.
(Source: P.A. 87-1133.)