(225 ILCS 710/15) (from Ch. 96 1/2, par. 4222)
    Sec. 15. The superintendent shall post or cause to be posted an emergency organization chart or plan in a conspicuous place on each mine property designating the duties of various employees and listing mine rescue stations, hospitals, doctors, etc., to be called in case of fire, explosion, flood, cave-in or other emergency. Whenever loss of life occurs from accident in or about a mine, and when death results from personal injury, the superintendent or other person having immediate charge of the work at the time of the accident shall give notice to the inspector promptly by telephone or telegraph, followed by a notice in writing, after knowledge of death comes.
    Whenever possible, the inspector shall be present at the coroner's inquest held over the remains of a person killed in or about a mine. Due notice of an intended inquest to be held by the coroner shall be given by the coroner to the inspector, and at such inquest the inspector shall have the right to examine and cross-examine witnesses, and such examination shall be part of the records of such inquest. If, at any inquest held over the body or bodies of persons whose death was caused by an accident in or about the mine, the inspector be not present, and it be found from the evidence given at the inquest that the accident was caused by neglect or by any defect in or about the mine, or because the mine was operated contrary to the provisions of this Act, the coroner shall send notice in writing to said inspector of such reported neglect or default; and the said inspector shall immediately take steps to have an investigation made of the same. The coroner before whom such an inquest is held shall promptly file with the inspector of mines a copy of the testimony taken thereat and a copy of the verdict rendered by the coroner's jury.
(Source: Laws 1945, p. 1035.)