(225 ILCS 705/31.24) (from Ch. 96 1/2, par. 3124)
    Sec. 31.24. Blower fans with tubing may be used, if the following precautions are followed:
    1. In gassy mines the blower shall be powered with a permissible unit and installed on the intake air side of the entrance to be ventilated, not less than 15 feet outby the ventilating cross-cut.
    2. The volume of air in which the fan is placed shall not be less than 2 1/2 times the manufacturer's maximum rated capacity of the fan.
    3. The fan and tubing shall be maintained in good order. The discharge end of the tubing shall be kept within 20 feet of the face, and not more than 300 feet of tubing shall be extended from the fan.
    4. Working places ventilated by means of blower fans in gassy mines shall be examined for methane by competent personnel designated by the mine manager before the fan is operated at the beginning of the shift and after an interruption of 5 or more minutes of fan operation during the shift.
    5. The fan and tubing shall be inspected at least twice during each working shift.
(Source: Laws 1953, p. 701.)