(225 ILCS 635/3.2) (from Ch. 56 1/2, par. 242.2)
    Sec. 3.2. The following persons are ineligible for licenses:
        a. A person who is not a resident of the city,
village or county in which the premises covered by the license are located; except in case of railroad or boat licenses.
        b. A person who is not of good character and
reputation in the community in which he resides.
        c. (Blank).
        d. A person with a prior conviction of a felony or a
misdemeanor that is directly related to the practice of the profession where such conviction will impair the person's ability to engage in the licensed position.
        e. (Blank).
        f. A person whose license issued under this Act has
been revoked for cause.
        g. A person who at the time of application for
renewal of any license issued hereunder would not be eligible for such license upon a first application.
        h. A co-partnership, unless all of the members of
such co-partnership shall be qualified to obtain a license.
        i. A corporation, if any officer, manager or director
thereof or any stockholder or stockholders owning in the aggregate more than five percent (5%) of the stock of such corporation, would not be eligible to receive a license hereunder for any reason other than citizenship and residence within the political subdivision.
        j. A person whose place of business is conducted by a
manager or agent unless said manager or agent possesses the same qualifications required of the licensee.
(Source: P.A. 100-286, eff. 1-1-18; 101-541, eff. 8-23-19.)