(225 ILCS 620/5.1) (from Ch. 111, par. 205.1)
    Sec. 5.1. Upon written application to the Department and payment of the fee specified in Section 18, a licensed feeder swine dealer shall obtain a permit for each person he or she wishes to designate as his or her agent. Information the Department deems necessary shall be supplied on forms prescribed by it. An agent's permit may be renewed by inclusion of his or her name and address upon the feeder swine dealer's application for renewal of his or her license and payment of the required fee. This Act's provisions governing denial and revocation of and refusal to renew a feeder swine dealer's license shall apply to an agent's permit.
    An agent shall conduct feeder swine transactions only on behalf of the feeder swine dealer, who shall be responsible for all such transactions. The feeder swine dealer's bond or trust fund agreement filed with the Department shall apply to obligations arising from such transactions. An agent may conduct feeder swine transactions independently only if he or she is also a licensed feeder swine dealer.
(Source: P.A. 87-160.)