(225 ILCS 620/18.1) (from Ch. 111, par. 218.1)
    Sec. 18.1. A feeder swine dealer's feeder swine originating in Illinois shall bear consecutively numbered tags on their right ears before being sold or commingled with other swine, except that no tags shall be required in the case of feeder swine moving as one group directly from one Illinois farm to another Illinois farm without commingling of the animals while in transit to the receiving farm. Feeder swine originating outside of Illinois shall bear ear tags indicating their state of origin, shall arrive directly from that state of origin and shall be accompanied by a health certificate.
    Every sale of out-of-state feeder swine shall be reported by the feeder swine dealer to the Department within 7 days on forms prescribed by the Department and including the permit number, the buyer's name and address and the number of swine sold. Such swine shall be quarantined to the buyer for 21 days.
(Source: P.A. 87-160.)