(225 ILCS 610/17) (from Ch. 8, par. 165)
    Sec. 17. (a) No person caring for, acting as an agent for the owner of or owning any animal, poultry or fish which has died shall allow the body or parts of the body to lie about the premises. Such body or parts of the body shall be disposed of within 24 hours after death as prescribed by regulations of the Department. The Department may prohibit the hauling or transportation of the body of any animal, poultry or fish which has died of a highly contagious, infectious or communicable disease and may specify the method of disposal.
    (b) The owner, operator, caretaker or animal collection service may dispose of bodies of dead animals, poultry or fish by composting on the site where the death of the animals occurred, or by transporting the bodies to a licensed landfill for disposal. Parts of bodies may be transported to the licensed landfill only in the case of on-site slaughter or on-site necropsy performed to determine the cause of death of the animal. Transporting the bodies or those parts of bodies shall be by conveyance that is owned or operated by the owner, operator, caretaker or animal collection service.
    (c) When the destruction or disposal of a body or parts of a body of an animal, poultry or fish, is by burying, burning or composting, it shall be done in a manner as required by regulations of the Department and in compliance with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act.
    (d) Any site where the bodies of dead animals or poultry are to be composted shall comply with the following setbacks:
        (1) The composting site shall include a setback of at
least 200 feet from the nearest potable water supply well, except in accordance with subsection (b) of Section 14.2 of the Environmental Protection Act.
        (2) The composting site shall be located outside the
boundary of the 10-year floodplain or the site shall be protected from flooding.
        (3) A composting site constructed after the effective
date of this amendatory Act of 1997 so as to constitute a "new facility" after that date as defined in the Livestock Management Facilities Act shall be located at least 1/4 mile from the nearest occupied residence (other than a residence located on the same property as the facility).
(Source: P.A. 90-565, eff. 6-1-98.)