(225 ILCS 515/3) (from Ch. 111, par. 903)
    Sec. 3. Records. It shall be the duty of every such licensed person to keep a complete record in the English language of all orders for employees which are received from prospective employers. Upon request of the Department, a licensee shall verify the date when the order was received, the name of the person recording the job order, the name and address of the employer seeking the services of an employee, the name of the person placing the order, the kind of employee requested, the qualifications required in the employee, the salary or wages to be paid if known, and the possible duration of the job. Prior to the placement of any job advertisement, an employment agency must have a current, bona fide job order, and must maintain a copy of both the advertisement and the job order in a register established specially for that purpose. The term "current, bona fide job order" shall be defined as a job order obtained by the employment agency within 30 days prior to the placement of the advertisement. A job order must be renewed after 45 days and must be annotated with the name of the representative of the prospective employer who authorized the renewal and the date on which the renewal was authorized.
    Such employment agency shall also keep a complete record in the English language of each applicant to whom employment is offered or promised and who is sent out by the agency to secure a job or interview. This record, which shall be called the Applicant's Record, shall contain the date when the applicant was sent out for the job or interview, the name of the applicant, the name and address of the person or firm to whom sent, the type of job offered and the wages or salary proposed to be paid if known.
    The agency shall also keep a record of all payments to it of any and all placement fees received and refunded. This record shall be called a Fee Transaction record. It shall contain the date of each transaction, the name of the person making the remittance, the amount paid, a designation indicating whether the amount paid is in full or on account, the receipt number and the date and the amount of any refund.
    Notwithstanding the provisions of this Act concerning the records required to be kept by employment agencies, the Director of Labor may by regulation permit teachers' agencies, medical agencies, nurses' registries, theatrical agencies, contract labor agencies, baby sitter agencies and such other agencies of a like nature who serve the needs of a specialized class of workers, to keep such records concerning job orders, listing of placed applicants, listing of available applicants and payments of fees by either the employer or the employee as the Department by regulation may approve.
    The aforesaid records shall be kept in the agency for 3 years and shall be open during office hours to inspection by the Department and its duly qualified agents, or produced in response to a subpoena issued by the Attorney General in accordance with Section 10-104 of the Illinois Human Rights Act. No such licensee, or his employee, shall knowingly make any false entry in such records. It is a violation of this Act to falsify or fail to keep any of the aforesaid records.
(Source: P.A. 99-422, eff. 1-1-16.)