(225 ILCS 515/12.5)
    Sec. 12.5. Employment agency retaliation against employees; civil penalties; right of private suit.
    (a) It is a violation of this Act for a private employment agency, or any agent of a private employment agency, to retaliate in any manner against any employee for exercising any rights granted under this Act or any rights granted by the wage laws of this State. Specifically, it is a violation of this Act for a private employment agency or employer to retaliate against an employee for:
        (1) making a complaint to an employment agency, to an
employer, to a co-worker, to a community organization, before a public hearing, or to a State or federal agency that rights guaranteed under this Act or any wage law of this State have been violated;
        (2) causing to be instituted any proceeding under or
related to this Act or any wage law of this State; or
        (3) testifying or preparing to testify in an
investigation or proceeding under this Act or any wage law of this State.
    (b) Such retaliation shall subject an employment agency to civil penalties pursuant to Section 12.1 of this Act. The Director may adopt rules for the conduct of hearings and collection of these penalties assessed under this Section in accordance with Section 12 of this Act.
    (c) An individual who is retaliated against in violation of this Section may, alternately, bring a private suit to recover all legal or equitable relief as may be appropriate and attorney's fees and costs. Such a suit must be brought in the circuit court of Illinois in the county where the alleged offense occurred or where the employment agency is located. The right of an aggrieved individual to bring an action under this Section terminates upon the passing of 3 years from the date of referral by the employment agency. This limitations period is tolled if the employment agency has deterred the employee's exercise of rights under this Act.
(Source: P.A. 99-422, eff. 1-1-16.)