(225 ILCS 515/10) (from Ch. 111, par. 910)
    Sec. 10. Licensee prohibitions. No licensee shall send or cause to be sent any female help or servants, inmate, or performer to enter any questionable place, or place of bad repute, house of ill-fame, or assignation house, or to any house or place of amusement kept for immoral purposes, or place resorted to for the purpose of prostitution or gambling house, the character of which licensee knows either actually or by reputation.
    No licensee shall permit questionable characters, prostitutes, gamblers, intoxicated persons, or procurers to frequent the agency.
    No licensee shall accept any application for employment made by or on behalf of any child, or shall place or assist in placing any such child in any employment whatever, in violation of the Child Labor Law. A violation of any provision of this Section shall be a Class A misdemeanor.
    No licensee shall publish or cause to be published any fraudulent or misleading notice or advertisement of its employment agencies by means of cards, circulars, or signs, or in newspapers or other publications; and all letterheads, receipts, and blanks shall contain the full name and address of the employment agency and licensee shall state in all notices and advertisements the fact that licensee is, or conducts, a private employment agency.
    No licensee shall print, publish, or paint on any sign or window, or insert in any newspaper or publication, a name similar to that of the Illinois Public Employment Office.
    No licensee shall print or stamp on any receipt or on any contract used by that agency any part of this Act, unless the entire Section from which that part is taken is printed or stamped thereon.
    All written communications sent out by any licensee, directly or indirectly, to any person or firm with regard to employees or employment shall contain therein definite information that such person is a private employment agency.
    No licensee or his or her employees shall knowingly give any false or misleading information, or make any false or misleading promise to any applicant who shall apply for employment or employees.
(Source: P.A. 90-372, eff. 7-1-98.)