(225 ILCS 470/42.5)
    Sec. 42.5. Sealing and resealing a weighing or measuring device. A seal placed on any weighing or measuring device by the Director may be broken for the purposes of testing, calibration, adjustment, or repair, but only by a serviceperson, service agency, or special sealer registered by the Director or by an inspector.
    After testing or servicing, the device must be resealed with the seal displaying the registration number of the sealer as assigned by the Director and the sealer shall be responsible for the unit after it has been resealed. Written notice advising the Director as to the unit on which the seal was broken and resealed must be submitted within 5 days so that a recheck may be made by the Department.
    On any device whose sole method of sealing is an audit trail, event counter, or similar system, a tamper evident label shall be affixed to the device that includes the sealer's registration number as issued by the Director and the most recent count or counts listed in the audit trail, event counter, or similar system. These counts shall also be entered on all placed in-service reports and any test reports where calibration counts were changed from the beginning of testing.
(Source: P.A. 102-218, eff. 1-1-22.)