(225 ILCS 470/20) (from Ch. 147, par. 120)
    Sec. 20. The common or legislative council of each city for which a sealer has been appointed pursuant to Section 17 of this Act shall (1) procure at the expense of the city such standards of weight and measure and such additional equipment, to be used for the enforcement of the provisions of this Act in such city, as may be prescribed by the Director, (2) provide a suitable office for the sealer, and (3) make provision for the necessary clerical services, supplies and transportation and for defraying contingent expenses incident to the official activities of the sealer in carrying out the provisions of this Act. When the standards of weight and measure thus required to be provided by a city have been examined and approved by the Director, they shall be the official standards for such city. The sealer shall make or cause to be made at least annual comparisons between his field standards and appropriate standards of a higher order belonging to his city or to the State, in order to maintain such field standards in accurate condition.
(Source: P.A. 96-1333, eff. 7-27-10.)