(225 ILCS 470/2) (from Ch. 147, par. 102)
    Sec. 2. Definitions. As used in this Act:
    "Person" means both singular and plural as the case demands, and includes individuals, partnerships, corporations, companies, societies and associations.
    "Weights and measures" means all weights and measures of every kind, instruments and devices for weighing and measuring, and any appliances and accessories associated with any or all such instruments and devices, including all grain moisture measuring devices, but does not include meters for the measurement of electricity, gas (natural or manufactured) or water operated in a public utility system. These electricity meters, gas meters, and water meters, and their appliances or accessories, and slo flo meters, are specifically excluded from the scope and applicability of this Act.
    "Sell" and "sale" includes barter and exchange.
    "Director" means the Director of Agriculture.
    "Department" means the Department of Agriculture.
    "Inspector" means an inspector of weights and measures of this State.
    "Sealer" and "deputy sealer" mean, respectively, a sealer of weights and measures and a deputy sealer of weights and measures of a city.
    "Intrastate commerce" means any and all commerce or trade that is commenced, conducted and completed wholly within the limits of this State, and the phrase "introduced into intrastate commerce" means the time and place at which the first sale and delivery being made either directly to the purchaser or to a carrier for shipment to the purchaser.
    "Commodity in package form" means a commodity put up or packaged in any manner in advance of sale in units suitable for either wholesale or retail sale, excluding any auxiliary shipping container enclosing packages which individually conform to the requirements of this Act. An individual item or lot of any commodity not in package form as defined in this Section but on which there is marked a selling price based on an established price per unit of weight or of measure shall be deemed a commodity in package form.
    "Consumer package" and "package of consumer commodity" mean any commodity in package form that is customarily produced or distributed for sale through retail sales agencies or instrumentalities for consumption by individuals or use by individuals for the purposes of personal care or in the performance of services ordinarily rendered in or about the household or in connection with personal possessions, and which usually is consumed or expended in the course of such consumption or use.
    "Nonconsumer package" and "package of nonconsumer commodity" mean any commodity in package form other than a consumer package, and particularly a package designed solely for industrial or institutional use or for wholesale distribution only.
    "Certificate of Conformance" means a document issued by the National Conference on Weights and Measures based on testing in participating laboratories that indicates that the weights and measures or weighing and measuring device conform with the requirements of National Institute of Standards and Technology's Handbooks 44, 105-1, 105-2, 105-3, 105-4, or 105-8 and any subsequent revisions or supplements thereto.
    "Prepackage inspection violation" means that the majority of the lots of prepackaged commodities inspected at a single location are found to have one or more packages below the maximum allowable variation as published in the National Institute of Standards and Technology Handbook 133 or the majority of the lots inspected at a single location are found to be below the stated net weight declaration on an average.
    "Diesel gallon equivalent" means 6.06 pounds of liquefied natural gas or 6.41 pounds of propane.
    "Gasoline gallon equivalent" means 5.660 pounds of compressed natural gas.
(Source: P.A. 100-9, eff. 7-1-17.)