(225 ILCS 459/177)
    Sec. 177. Administrator, executor, or guardian. If the ownership of an appraisal management company registered under this Act is held or contained in an estate subject to the control and supervision of an administrator, executor, or guardian appointed, approved, or by a court of the State of Illinois, having jurisdiction so to do, the administrator, executor, or guardian may, upon the entry of an order by the court granting leave to continue the operation of the appraisal management company, apply to the Secretary for a registration under this Act. If the administrator, executor, or guardian applies for an appraisal management company registration pursuant to this Section and complies with all of the provisions of this Act relating to the application for an appraisal management company registration, the Secretary may issue to the applicant an appraisal management company registration. An appraisal management company registration issued to an appraisal management company, for which an application for a registration is sought under this Section, if not previously surrendered, lapsed, or revoked, shall be surrendered, revoked, or otherwise terminated before a registration is issued pursuant to the application made under this Section.
(Source: P.A. 100-604, eff. 7-13-18.)