(225 ILCS 454/25-10)
    (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2030)
    Sec. 25-10. Real Estate Administration and Disciplinary Board; duties. There is created the Real Estate Administration and Disciplinary Board. The Board shall be composed of 15 persons appointed by the Governor. Members shall be appointed to the Board subject to the following conditions:
        (1) All members shall have been residents and
citizens of this State for at least 6 years prior to the date of appointment.
        (2) Twelve members shall have been actively engaged
as managing brokers or brokers or both for at least the 10 years prior to the appointment, 2 of whom must possess an active pre-license instructor license.
        (3) Three members of the Board shall be public
members who represent consumer interests.
    None of these members shall be (i) a person who is licensed under this Act or a similar Act of another jurisdiction, (ii) the spouse or family member of a licensee, (iii) a person who has an ownership interest in a real estate brokerage business, or (iv) a person the Department determines to have any other connection with a real estate brokerage business or a licensee.
    The members' terms shall be for 4 years and expire upon completion of the term. No member shall be reappointed to the Board for a term that would cause his or her cumulative service to the Board to exceed 10 years. Appointments to fill vacancies shall be for the unexpired portion of the term. Those members of the Board that satisfy the requirements of paragraph (2) shall be chosen in a manner such that no area of the State shall be unreasonably represented. In making the appointments, the Governor shall give due consideration to the recommendations by members and organizations of the profession. The Governor may terminate the appointment of any member for cause that in the opinion of the Governor reasonably justifies the termination. Cause for termination shall include without limitation misconduct, incapacity, neglect of duty, or missing 4 board meetings during any one calendar year. Each member of the Board may receive a per diem stipend in an amount to be determined by the Secretary. Each member shall be paid his or her necessary expenses while engaged in the performance of his or her duties. Such compensation and expenses shall be paid out of the Real Estate License Administration Fund. The Secretary shall consider the recommendations of the Board on questions involving standards of professional conduct, discipline, education, and policies and procedures under this Act. With regard to this subject matter, the Secretary may establish temporary or permanent committees of the Board and may consider the recommendations of the Board on matters that include, but are not limited to, criteria for the licensing and renewal of education providers, pre-license and continuing education instructors, pre-license and continuing education curricula, standards of educational criteria, and qualifications for licensure and renewal of professions, courses, and instructors. The Department, after notifying and considering the recommendations of the Board, if any, may issue rules, consistent with the provisions of this Act, for the administration and enforcement thereof and may prescribe forms that shall be used in connection therewith. Eight Board members shall constitute a quorum. A quorum is required for all Board decisions.
(Source: P.A. 99-227, eff. 8-3-15; 100-188, eff. 1-1-18; 100-886, eff. 8-14-18.)