(225 ILCS 447/35-43)
    (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2024)
    Sec. 35-43. Requirement of a canine trainer authorization card; qualifications.
    (a) No person may perform duties that include the training of canine handlers and canines to protect persons or property or to conduct investigations without having been issued a valid canine trainer authorization card by the Department.
    (b) No employer shall employ any person to perform the duties for which employee registration is required under this Act and allow that person to train canine handlers and canines unless that person has been issued a canine trainer authorization card.
    (c) The Department shall issue a canine trainer authorization card to a person who (i) has passed an approved canine trainer training course, (ii) is currently employed by an agency licensed under this Act, and (iii) has met all of the applicable requirements of this Act. Application for the canine trainer authorization card shall be made by the employer to the Department on forms provided by the Department. The Department shall forward the card to the employer who shall be responsible for its issuance to the employee.
    (d) The Department may, in addition to any other disciplinary action permitted by this Act, refuse to issue, suspend, or revoke a canine trainer authorization card if the applicant or holder has been convicted of any felony or misdemeanor involving cruelty to animals or for a violation of this Act or rules promulgated under this Act.
    (e) Qualifications for canine trainers shall be set by the Department by rule. Any person who has been engaged in the provision of canine trainer services prior to January 1, 2005, shall be granted a canine trainer authorization card upon the submission of a completed application, the payment of applicable fees, and the demonstration satisfactory to the Department of the provision of such services.
(Source: P.A. 95-613, eff. 9-11-07.)