(225 ILCS 429/60)
    Sec. 60. Examination of debt settlement provider; duty to disclose a post-license event.
    (a) The Secretary at any time, either in person or through an appointed representative, may examine the condition and affairs of a debt settlement provider. In connection with any examination, the Secretary may examine on oath any debt settlement provider and any director, officer, employee, customer, manager, partner, member, creditor, or stockholder of a debt settlement provider concerning the affairs and business of the debt settlement provider. The Secretary shall ascertain whether the debt settlement provider transacts its business in the manner prescribed by law and the rules issued thereunder. The debt settlement provider shall pay the cost of the examination as determined by the Secretary by administrative rule. Failure to pay the examination fee within 30 days after receipt of demand from the Secretary may result in the suspension of the license until the fee is paid. The Secretary shall have the right to investigate and examine any person, whether licensed or not, who is engaged in the debt settlement service business. The Secretary shall have the power to subpoena the production of any books and records pertinent to any investigation.
    (b) Each debt settlement provider shall disclose promptly to the Secretary, but in no event more than 30 days after the occurrence of the event, any change in any of the criteria listed in Section 25 of this Act for the issuance of a license.
(Source: P.A. 96-1420, eff. 8-3-10.)