(225 ILCS 429/130)
    Sec. 130. Consumer settlement accounts and monthly accounting.
    (a) A debt settlement provider who receives funds from a consumer shall hold all funds received for a consumer settlement account in a properly designated trust account in a federally insured depository institution. The funds shall remain the property of the consumer until the debt settlement provider disburses the funds to a creditor on behalf of the consumer as full or partial satisfaction of the consumer's debt to the creditor or the creditor's claim against the consumer. Any interest earned on such account shall be credited to the consumer.
    (b) A debt settlement provider shall not be named on a consumer's bank account, take a power of attorney in a consumer's bank account, create a demand draft on a consumer's bank account, or exercise any control over any bank account held by or on behalf of the consumer.
    (c) A debt settlement provider shall, no less than monthly, provide each consumer with which it has a contract for the provision of debt settlement service a statement of account balances, fees paid, settlements completed, and remaining debts.
(Source: P.A. 96-1420, eff. 8-3-10.)