(225 ILCS 320/8) (from Ch. 111, par. 1107)
    Sec. 8. The Director shall:
        (1) Prepare forms for application for examination for
a plumber's license.
        (2) Prepare and issue licenses as provided in this
        (3) With the aid of the Board prescribe rules and
regulations for examination of applicants for plumber's licenses.
        (4) With the aid of the Board prepare and give
uniform and comprehensive examinations to applicants for a plumber's license which shall test their knowledge and qualifications in the planning and design of plumbing systems, their knowledge, qualifications, and manual skills in plumbing, and their knowledge of the State's minimum code of standards relating to fixtures, materials, design and installation methods of plumbing systems, promulgated pursuant to this Act.
        (5) Issue a plumber's license and license renewal to
every applicant who has passed the examination and who has paid the required license and renewal fee.
        (6) Prescribe rules for hearings to deny, suspend,
revoke or reinstate licenses as provided in this Act.
        (7) Maintain a current record showing (a) the names
and addresses of registered plumbing contractors, licensed plumbers, licensed apprentice plumbers, and licensed retired plumbers, (b) the dates of issuance of licenses, (c) the date and substance of the charges set forth in any hearing for denial, suspension or revocation of any license, (d) the date and substance of the final order issued upon each such hearing, and (e) the date and substance of all petitions for reinstatement of license and final orders on such petitions.
        (8) Prescribe, in consultation with the Board,
uniform and reasonable rules defining what constitutes an approved course of instruction in plumbing, in colleges, universities, or trade schools, and approve or disapprove the courses of instruction offered by such colleges, universities, or trade schools by reference to their compliance or noncompliance with such rules. Such rules shall be designed to assure that an approved course of instruction will adequately teach the design, planning, installation, replacement, extension, alteration and repair of plumbing.
        Each instructor participating in a program of
instruction in plumbing shall be:
            (a) an Illinois licensed plumber;
            (b) an individual who possesses a provisional
career and technical educator endorsement on an educator license, issued by the State Board of Education pursuant to Section 21B-20 of the School Code in a field related to plumbing, such as hydraulics, pneumatics, or water chemistry; or
            (c) a representative of an industry or a
manufacturing business related to plumbing, including, but not limited to, the copper industry, plastic pipe industry, or cast iron industry. Courses that are taught by industry representatives shall be educational and shall not be sales oriented. Industry representatives shall be assisted by an Illinois licensed plumber during the presentation of a course of instruction.
        The instructor shall provide verification of the
license or certificate. A copy of the instructor's educator license will establish verification.
(Source: P.A. 99-504, eff. 1-1-17.)