(225 ILCS 64/85)
    (This Section may contain text from a Public Act with a delayed effective date)
    (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2027)
    Sec. 85. Prohibited practices.
    (a) A licensed certified professional midwife may not do any of the following:
        (1) administer prescription pharmacological agents
intended to induce or augment labor;
        (2) administer prescription pharmacological agents to
provide pain management;
        (3) use vacuum extractors or forceps;
        (4) prescribe medications;
        (5) provide out-of-hospital care to a childbearing
individual who has had a previous cesarean section;
        (6) perform abortions or surgical procedures,
including, but not limited to, cesarean sections and circumcisions, except for an emergency episiotomy;
        (7) knowingly accept responsibility for prenatal or
intrapartum care of a client with any of the following risk factors:
            (A) chronic significant maternal cardiac,
pulmonary, renal, or hepatic disease;
            (B) malignant disease in an active phase;
            (C) significant hematological disorders,
coagulopathies, or pulmonary embolism;
            (D) insulin requiring diabetes mellitus;
            (E) known maternal congenital abnormalities
affecting childbirth;
            (F) confirmed isoimmunization, Rh disease with
positive titer;
            (G) active tuberculosis;
            (H) active syphilis or gonorrhea;
            (I) active genital herpes infection 2 weeks prior
to labor or in labor;
            (J) pelvic or uterine abnormalities affecting
normal vaginal births, including tumors and malformations;
            (K) alcoholism or alcohol abuse;
            (L) drug addiction or abuse; or
            (M) confirmed AIDS status.
    (b) A licensed certified professional midwife shall not administer Schedule II through IV controlled substances. Subject to a prescription by a health care professional, Schedule V controlled substances may be administered by licensed certified professional midwives.
(Source: P.A. 102-683, eff. 10-1-22.)