(225 ILCS 37/18)
    (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2029)
    Sec. 18. Board of Environmental Health Practitioners. The Board of Environmental Health Practitioners is created and shall exercise its duties as provided in this Act. The Board shall consist of 5 members appointed by the Secretary. Of the 5 members, 3 shall be environmental health practitioners, one a Public Health Administrator who meets the minimum qualifications for public health personnel employed by full time local health departments as prescribed by the Illinois Department of Public Health and is actively engaged in the administration of a local health department within this State, and one member of the general public. In making the appointments to the Board, the Secretary shall consider the recommendations of related professional and trade associations including the Illinois Environmental Health Association and the Illinois Public Health Association and of the Director of Public Health. Each of the environmental health practitioners shall have at least 5 years of full time employment in the field of environmental health practice before the date of appointment. Each appointee filling the seat of an environmental health practitioner appointed to the Board must be licensed under this Act.
    The membership of the Board shall reasonably reflect representation from the various geographic areas of the State.
    A vacancy in the membership of the Board shall not impair the right of a quorum to exercise all the rights and perform all the duties of the Board.
    The members of the Board are entitled to receive reimbursement for all legitimate and necessary expenses incurred in attending the meetings of the Board.
    A member of the Board shall have no liability in any action based upon any disciplinary proceedings or other activity performed in good faith as a member of the Board.
    The Secretary may remove any member of the Board for any cause that, in the opinion of the Secretary, reasonably justifies termination.
(Source: P.A. 100-796, eff. 8-10-18.)