(225 ILCS 25/18.1)
    (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2026)
    Sec. 18.1. Public health dental supervision responsibilities.
    (a) When working together in a public health supervision relationship, dentists and public health dental hygienists shall enter into a public health supervision agreement. The dentist providing public health supervision must:
        (1) be available to provide an appropriate level of
contact, communication, collaboration, and consultation with the public health dental hygienist and must meet in-person with the public health dental hygienist at least quarterly for review and consultation;
        (2) have specific standing orders or policy
guidelines for procedures that are to be carried out for each location or program, although the dentist need not be present when the procedures are being performed;
        (3) provide for the patient's additional necessary
care in consultation with the public health dental hygienist;
        (4) file agreements and notifications as required; and
        (5) include procedures for creating and maintaining
dental records, including protocols for transmission of all records between the public health dental hygienist and the dentist following each treatment, which shall include a notation regarding procedures authorized by the dentist and performed by the public health dental hygienist and the location where those records are to be kept.
    Each dentist and hygienist who enters into a public health supervision agreement must document and maintain a copy of any change or termination of that agreement.
    Dental records shall be owned and maintained by the supervising dentist for all patients treated under public health supervision, unless the supervising dentist is an employee of a public health clinic or federally qualified health center, in which case the public health clinic or federally qualified health center shall maintain the records.
    If a dentist ceases to be employed or contracted by the facility, the dentist shall notify the facility administrator that the public health supervision agreement is no longer in effect. A new public health supervision agreement is required for the public health dental hygienist to continue treating patients under public health supervision.
    A dentist entering into an agreement under this Section may supervise and enter into agreements for public health supervision with 2 public health dental hygienists. This shall be in addition to the limit of 4 dental hygienists per dentist set forth in subsection (g) of Section 18 of this Act.
    (b) A public health dental hygienist providing services under public health supervision may perform only those duties within the accepted scope of practice of dental hygiene, as follows:
        (1) the operative procedures of dental hygiene,
consisting of oral prophylactic procedures, including prophylactic cleanings, application of fluoride, and placement of sealants;
        (2) the exposure and processing of x-ray films of the
teeth and surrounding structures; and
        (3) such other procedures and acts as shall be
prescribed by rule of the Department.
    Any patient treated under this subsection (b) must be examined by a dentist before additional services can be provided by a public health dental hygienist. However, if the supervising dentist, after consultation with the public health hygienist, determines that time is needed to complete an approved treatment plan on a patient eligible under this Section, then the dentist may instruct the hygienist to complete the remaining services prior to an oral examination by the dentist. Such instruction by the dentist to the hygienist shall be noted in the patient's records. Any services performed under this exception must be scheduled in a timely manner and shall not occur more than 30 days after the first appointment date.
    (c) A public health dental hygienist providing services under public health supervision must:
        (1) provide to the patient, parent, or guardian a
written plan for referral or an agreement for follow-up that records all conditions observed that should be called to the attention of a dentist for proper diagnosis;
        (2) have each patient sign a permission slip or
consent form that informs them that the service to be received does not take the place of regular dental checkups at a dental office and is meant for people who otherwise would not have access to the service;
        (3) inform each patient who may require further
dental services of that need;
        (4) maintain an appropriate level of contact and
communication with the dentist providing public health supervision; and
        (5) complete an additional 4 hours of continuing
education in areas specific to public health dentistry yearly.
    (d) Each public health dental hygienist who has rendered services under subsections (c), (d), and (e) of this Section must complete a summary report at the completion of a program or, in the case of an ongoing program, at least annually. The report must be completed in the manner specified by the Division of Oral Health in the Department of Public Health including information about each location where the public health dental hygienist has rendered these services. The public health dental hygienist must submit the form to the dentist providing supervision for his or her signature before sending it to the Division.
    (e) Public health dental hygienists providing services under public health supervision may be compensated for their work by salary, honoraria, and other mechanisms by the employing or sponsoring entity. Nothing in this Act shall preclude the entity that employs or sponsors a public health dental hygienist from seeking payment, reimbursement, or other source of funding for the services provided.
    (f) This Section is repealed on January 1, 2026.
(Source: P.A. 101-162, eff. 7-26-19.)