(225 ILCS 10/2.06) (from Ch. 23, par. 2212.06)
    Sec. 2.06. "Child care institution" means a child care facility where more than 7 children are received and maintained for the purpose of providing them with care or training or both. The term "child care institution" includes residential schools, primarily serving ambulatory children with disabilities, and those operating a full calendar year, but does not include:
        (a) any State-operated institution for child care
established by legislative action;
        (b) any juvenile detention or shelter care home
established and operated by any county or child protection district established under the "Child Protection Act";
        (c) any institution, home, place or facility
operating under a license pursuant to the Nursing Home Care Act, the Specialized Mental Health Rehabilitation Act of 2013, the ID/DD Community Care Act, or the MC/DD Act;
        (d) any bona fide boarding school in which children
are primarily taught branches of education corresponding to those taught in public schools, grades one through 12, or taught in public elementary schools, high schools, or both elementary and high schools, and which operates on a regular academic school year basis; or
        (e) any facility licensed as a "group home" as
defined in this Act.
(Source: P.A. 98-104, eff. 7-22-13; 99-143, eff. 7-27-15; 99-180, eff. 7-29-15; 99-642, eff. 7-28-16.)