(220 ILCS 5/8-208)
    Sec. 8-208. (a) The General Assembly finds that the availability of adequate, affordable housing bears a close relationship to efficient and reliable delivery of utility services and that the lack of affordable housing exacerbates difficulties in the delivery of electric services. It is further found that the meeting of electric public utility service obligations imposed under this Act can be attained by allocating certain resources to alleviating housing needs. It is declared to be the public policy of this State that prudent investments in or contributions to projects that foster the availability of adequate, affordable housing furthers the goals and objectives of this Act.
    (b) Beginning in calendar year 1994 and continuing through calendar year 2014, a public utility providing electric service to more than 1,000,000 customers in this State shall contribute, from retained earnings, each year $500,000 to the Illinois Affordable Housing Trust Fund created by the Illinois Affordable Housing Act.
(Source: P.A. 88-83; 88-653, eff. 1-1-95.)