(215 ILCS 165/9) (from Ch. 32, par. 603)
    Sec. 9. After the issuance of a charter, the Director as he deems in the public interest may authorize or require a health services plan corporation to charge rates or to utilize soliciting methods different from those on which the charter was based, provided that such contracts and practices are in compliance with provisions of this Act and are not violative of other laws of this State.
    The Director may revoke or amend, after reasonable notice and hearing, any charter, certificates, order, authority or consent made by him to a health services plan corporation on having found (1) that the further solicitation of subscribers or further continuance of the practices in question will work a fraud on subscribers, or (2) that the rates charged or the benefits provided are not fair and reasonable to both the subscriber and the corporation.
(Source: Laws 1951, p. 569.)