(215 ILCS 159/25)
    Sec. 25. Reporting requirements and privacy.
    (a) Each viatical settlement provider shall file with the Director on or before March 1 of each year a copy of its audited annual statement for the immediately preceding year ending December 31. The Director may require newly licensed entities to file annual statements for additional years. The annual statement must be verified by 2 officers of the licensed entity on forms prescribed by the Director. The forms prescribed by the Director shall contain all information required by this Act and shall conform substantially to the Viatical Settlement Provider Reports adopted by the NAIC Viatical Settlements Model Regulation, as amended. The approved annual statement for a viatical settlement provider shall include all of the following information:
        (1) A list of each life insurance policy, including
policy number, date of issue, unique internal identifier maintained by the viatical settlement provider and available upon examination, insurance company issuing the policy, date the viatical settlement contract is signed by viator, viatical settlement broker receiving compensation, and any premium finance companies, if known.
        (2) Addresses and contact information for those
persons listed in item (1) of this subsection (a).
        (3) A list of all life expectancy providers who have
directly or indirectly provided life expectancies to the viatical settlement provider for use in connection with a viatical settlement contract.
        (4) Any other information required by the Director.
    (b) The audited annual financial statement required by subsection (a) of this Section shall be completed by an independent certified public accountant along with a letter stating whether any significant deficiencies or material weaknesses were detected during the audit pursuant to the Auditing Standard Board's Statement on Auditing Standards Number 112, as amended or superseded.
    (c) A viatical settlement provider that willfully fails to file the annual statements required by this Section, or willfully fails to reply within 30 calendar days to a written inquiry from the Director or Director's designee, shall, in addition to other penalties provided by this Act, be subject to a penalty of up to $250 per day, not to exceed $25,000 in the aggregate for each such failure.
    (d) The Director shall keep confidential and not a matter of public record all individual transaction data regarding the business of viatical settlements and data that could compromise the privacy of personal, financial, and health information of the viator or the insured. All proprietary information received by the Director from a viatical settlement provider pursuant to this Section must be given confidential treatment, is not subject to subpoena, and may not be made public by the Director or any other persons.
    (e) Except as otherwise allowed or required by law, a viatical settlement provider, viatical settlement broker, insurance company, insurance producer, information bureau, rating agency or company, or any other person with actual knowledge of the identity of an insured under a viatical settlement contract shall not disclose the identity of the insured or the insured's financial or medical information to any other person unless the disclosure is:
        (1) necessary to effect a viatical settlement
contract between the viator and a viatical settlement provider and the viator or insured have provided prior written consent to the disclosure;
        (2) provided in response to an investigation or
examination by the Director or another governmental officer or agency or pursuant to the requirements of Section 65 of this Act;
        (3) a term of or condition to the transfer of a
policy by one viatical settlement provider to another viatical settlement provider;
        (4) necessary to permit a financing entity, related
provider trust, or special purpose entity to finance the purchase of policies by a viatical settlement provider and the viator and insured have provided prior written consent to the disclosure;
        (5) necessary to allow the viatical settlement
provider or the viatical settlement provider's authorized representatives to make contacts for the purpose of determining health status; or
        (6) required to purchase stop loss coverage or
financial guaranty insurance.
    (f) A viatical settlement investment agent shall not have any contact directly or indirectly with the viator or the insured or have knowledge of the identity of the viator or the insured.
(Source: P.A. 96-736, eff. 7-1-10.)