(215 ILCS 125/4-7) (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 1409)
    Sec. 4-7. Solicitations of enrollees. Solicitations of enrollees by a Health Maintenance Organization authorized under this Act, or its representatives shall not be construed to be violative of any provisions of law relating to solicitation or advertising by health professionals. No solicitation may be made which advertises, identifies or makes a qualitative judgment concerning any health professional who provides services for a Health Maintenance Organization. Nothing in this Section precludes a Health Maintenance Organization from providing to a particular potential enrollee the names of health providers upon request by that particular potential individual enrollee. No Health Maintenance Organization, or representative thereof, may cause or knowingly permit the use of advertising which is untrue or misleading, solicitation which is untrue or misleading, or any form of evidence of coverage which is deceptive. Health Maintenance Organizations shall be subject to Section 143c of the "Illinois Insurance Code", approved June 29, 1937, as amended.
    If the Director finds that any advertisement of a plan has materially failed to comply with the provisions of this Act or the rules thereunder, the Director may, by order, require the plan to publish in the same or similar medium, an approved correction or retraction of any untrue, misleading, or deceptive statement contained in the advertising and may prohibit such plan from publishing or distributing, or allowing to be published or distributed on its behalf such advertisement or any new materially revised advertisement without first having filed a copy thereof with the Director 30 days prior to the publication or distribution thereof, or any shorter period specified in such order. An order issued under this Section shall be effective for 12 months from its issuance, and may be renewed by order if the advertisements submitted under this Section indicate difficulties of voluntary compliance with the applicable provisions of this Act and the rules thereunder.
(Source: P.A. 85-20.)