(215 ILCS 5/60i) (from Ch. 73, par. 672i)
    Sec. 60i. Consummation of domestication; transfer of assets and deposits. (1) Upon the filing with the Director of a certified copy of the instrument of transfer and assumption pursuant to which a domestic company succeeds to the business and assets of the United States branch of an alien company and assumes all its liabilities, the domestication of the United States branch shall be deemed to be effective; and thereupon all the rights, franchises, and interests of the United States branch in and to every species of property, real, personal, and mixed, and things in actions thereunder belonging shall be deemed as transferred to and vested in the domestic company, and simultaneously therewith the domestic company shall be deemed to have assumed all of the liabilities of the United States branch. The domestic company shall be considered as having the age as the oldest of the 2 parties to the domestication agreement for purposes of complying with the requirements of laws relating to age of company.
    (2) All deposits of the United States branch held by the Director, or by state officers or other state regulatory agencies pursuant to requirements of state laws, shall be deemed to be held as security for the satisfaction by the domestic company of all liabilities to policyholders within the United States assumed from the United States branch; and such deposits shall be deemed to be assets of the domestic company and shall be reported as such in the annual financial statements and other reports which the domestic company may be required to file. Upon the ultimate release by any such state officer or agency of any such deposits, the securities and cash constituting such released deposit shall be delivered and paid over to the domestic company as the lawful successor in interest to the United States branch.
    (3) Contemporaneously with the consummation of the domestication of the United States branch, the Director shall direct the trustee, if any, of the U. S. branch's Trusteed Assets to transfer and deliver to the domestic company all assets, if any, held by such trustee.
(Source: P.A. 85-1373.)