(215 ILCS 5/530) (from Ch. 73, par. 1065.77)
    Sec. 530. Powers of the Director.) In addition to any powers conferred upon him by this or any other law, the Director is charged with the authority to supervise the Inspection Bureau, the Facility and the Association. In addition the Director or any person designated by him has the power:
    (1) to examine the operation of the Facility and Association through free access to all the books, records, files, papers and documents relating to their operation and may summon, qualify and examine as witnesses all persons having knowledge of such operations including officers, agents or employees thereof;
    (2) to do all things necessary to enable the State of Illinois and any insurer participating in any Program approved by the Director to fully participate in any federal program of reinsurance which may be enacted for purposes similar to the purposes of this Article;
    (3) to require such reports from insurers concerning risks insured under any Program approved pursuant to this Article as he may deem necessary;
    (4) to approve a homeowners policy form(s) for the Industry Placement Program.
    (5) To require the Insurance Placement Program to develop marketing programs which will deter urban redlining and other unfairly discriminatory geographic underwriting programs by making readily available basic property insurance.
    (6) to permit modification of the Standard Fire Policy issued by the facility for non owner-occupied residences exceeding four units, after the director has conducted a public hearing which establishes that such modifications:
    1) will provide for equitable settlements of loss;
    2) will discourage arson for profit; and
    3) will encourage neighborhood revitalization, while maintaining the interests of the insured and the facility. The Director shall confer with the facility to establish criteria by which it can be determined whether such modification of the Standard Fire Policy is accomplishing its objectives. The Director shall conduct, within two years of any modification of the Standard Fire Policy, a public hearing to determine whether such modification has accomplished the three preceding objectives. In the event that such public hearing does not establish that such objectives are being accomplished, then the Director shall rescind the modification of the Standard Fire Policy, or further modify such policy to accomplish the objectives.
(Source: P.A. 82-499.)