(215 ILCS 5/525) (from Ch. 73, par. 1065.72)
    Sec. 525. Industry Placement Program.)
    (1) Within 30 days after the effective date of this Article, all insurers engaged in writing in this State, on a direct basis, basic property insurance or any property insurance component in multi-peril policies, other than local district, county and township mutual companies, must establish an Industry Placement Facility to formulate and administer a Program for the equitable apportionment among such insurers of basic property insurance which may be afforded applicants in urban areas whose property is insurable in accordance with reasonable underwriting standards, but who, after diligent efforts, are unable to procure such insurance through normal channels, as evidenced by 3 attempts to procure such insurance. The Program may also provide, with the approval of the Director, for the use of deductibles, percentage participation clauses and other underwriting devices and for assessment of all members in amounts sufficient to operate the Facility, and may establish maximum limits of liability to be placed through the Program, commissions to be paid to the license producer designated by the applicant and for relieving any company from accepting referrals under the FAIR Plan, in whole or in part, for reasonable cause. The Program may also provide that the Facility issue policies in its own name. The Program shall establish reasonable underwriting standards for determining insurability of a risk, subject to the approval of the Director.
    (2) The Industry Placement Program, through its plan of operation, shall provide reasonable access and marketing procedures for (a) immediate binding of eligible risks; (b) premium installment payment plans; and, (c) establishing adequate marketing and service facilities in all designated urban areas of this State.
    (3) Homeowners insurance coverage shall become part of the Industry Placement Program of basic property insurance. The Facility shall develop, with the consultation of the Director, a homeowners insurance contract(s) for urban areas. Such Program of homeowners insurance will be implemented through a plan of operation specifically entitling owner residents who have been nonrenewed through normal insurance channels of immediate binding coverage pending a reasonable period of time for the Facility to conduct an inspection of the premises to determine whether the premises comply with underwriting requirements set out in the Program.
    (4) Each insurer, as a condition of its authority to transact such kinds of insurance in this State, must participate in the Industry Placement Program in accordance with this Article and such a plan of operation as may be established by a Governing Committee of 6 insurers elected annually in a manner provided in a membership agreement to be executed by each participating insurer, 4 members who are not employees of or otherwise affiliated with the insurance industry appointed by the Director to represent the interest of insurance consumers, and one member who is an Illinois licensed insurance producer appointed by the Director, who shall serve for terms consistent with the terms served by their counterparts from the insurance industry.
(Source: P.A. 88-667, eff. 9-16-94.)