(215 ILCS 5/408.4)
    Sec. 408.4. Receipt and use grants.
    (a) The Department is authorized to accept, receive, and use, for and in behalf of the State, any grant of money given to further the purposes of the insurance laws of this State by the federal government as may be offered unconditionally or under conditions, agreements, covenants, or terms that, in the judgment of the Department, are proper and consistent with the provisions of subsection (b). All moneys so received shall be deposited into the Insurance Producer Administration Fund.
    (b) The moneys deposited into the Insurance Producer Administration Fund under this Section shall be accounted for separately and shall be expended, pursuant to appropriation, only in accordance with the conditions, agreements, covenants, or terms, if any, under which they were accepted and must be used to disseminate and provide insurance related information or assistance to senior citizens.
(Source: P.A. 88-313.)