(215 ILCS 5/357.2) (from Ch. 73, par. 969.2)
    Sec. 357.2. "ENTIRE CONTRACT; CHANGES: This policy, including the endorsements and the attached papers, if any, constitutes the entire contract of insurance. No change in this policy shall be valid until approved by an executive officer of the company and unless such approval be endorsed hereon or attached hereto. No agent has authority to change this policy or to waive any of its provisions."
    (1) Premium Notice Required. No policy of accident and health insurance, as enumerated in class 1(b) or 2(a) of Section 4, shall be declared forfeited or lapsed within 6 months after default in payment of any premium installment or interest or any portion thereof, nor shall any such policy be forfeited or lapsed by reason of nonpayment when due of any premium, installment or interest, or any portion thereof, required by the terms of the policy to be paid, within 6 months from the default in payment of such premium, installment or interest, unless a written or printed notice stating the amount of such premium, installment, interest or portion thereof due on such policy, the place where it shall be paid and the person to whom the same is payable, shall have been duly addressed and mailed with the required postage affixed, to the person insured or to the premium payor if other than the insured at the last known post office address of the insured or premium payor, at least 15 days and not more than 45 days prior to the day when same is due and payable before the beginning of the grace period.
    Such notice shall also state that unless such premium or other sum due shall be paid to the company or its agent the policy and all payments thereon will become forfeited and void, except as to any right to a surrender value or paid up policy as provided for by the policy. The affidavit of any officer, clerk or agent of the company or of anyone authorized to mail such notice that the notice required by this Section bearing the required postage has been duly addressed and mailed shall be presumptive evidence that such notice has been duly given.
    If the notice is given in a manner other than mailing, then physical proof of the receipt of such notice by the proper recipient shall be maintained by the insurer.
    (2) Paragraph (1) of this Section shall not apply to cancellable policies which are renewable at the option of the company nor shall it apply to group policies, industrial policies, or any policies upon which premiums are payable monthly or at shorter intervals.
(Source: P.A. 91-357, eff. 7-29-99.)