(215 ILCS 5/356z.44)
    Sec. 356z.44. Vitamin D testing.
    (a) As used in this Section, "vitamin D testing" means vitamin D blood testing that measures the level of vitamin D in an individual's blood.
    (b) A group or individual policy of accident and health insurance or managed care plan amended, delivered, issued, or renewed on or after the effective date of this amendatory Act of the 102nd General Assembly shall provide coverage for vitamin D testing recommended by a health care provider in accordance with vitamin D deficiency risk factors identified by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Risk factors for vitamin D deficiency include, but are not limited to:
        (1) having osteoporosis or other bone-health
        (2) having conditions that affect fat absorption,
including celiac disease or weight loss surgery;
        (3) routinely taking medications that interfere
with vitamin D activity, including anticonvulsants and glucocorticoids;
        (4) beneficiaries aged 55 and older;
        (5) having a darker skin color;
        (6) inadequate sunlight exposure;
        (7) being obese;
        (8) previous diagnosis of diabetes or kidney
disease; and
        (9) exhibiting poor muscle strength or constant
(Source: P.A. 102-530, eff. 1-1-22.)