(215 ILCS 5/340) (from Ch. 73, par. 952)
    Sec. 340. Article of Incorporation. The articles of incorporation of a burial society shall state:
    (a) The corporate name which shall not resemble the name of any existing society or corporation organized under the laws of this State or authorized to transact business therein as to mislead the public or cause confusion, the purpose for which it is formed and the place in this State where its principal office is located;
    (b) The mode and manner in which the corporate powers of the society shall be exercised; the manner of electing directors; the number of directors which shall not be less than 3 nor more than 7; terms of office of directors which shall be not more than 4 years; the manner of electing officers and filling vacancies and such other particulars as may be necessary to explain and manifest the object and purpose of the society and the manner in which it is to be conducted.
    A copy of the by-laws and forms of applications for members and a copy of all forms of policies or certificates, literature and advertisements shall be filed with the Director.
    The Director shall examine the articles of incorporation and other papers so filed with him and if he finds no objection thereto he shall submit the articles of incorporation to the Attorney General for examination and if found by the Attorney General to be in accordance with the provisions of this Code and not inconsistent with the laws and constitution of this State and of the United States, he shall certify to the same and deliver it back to the Director who shall cause the articles to be recorded in his records and issue to the incorporators a certified copy thereof, and thereupon such incorporators and their associates shall become and be a body corporate with the power to sue and be sued, contract and be contracted with, adopt by-laws not in conflict with the provisions of this Code, adopt a seal and do such other acts, subject to the provisions and restrictions of this Code, as shall be needful to accomplish the purposes of its organization. The management of the affairs of the society shall at all times be vested in the board of directors.
(Source: P.A. 82-498.)