(215 ILCS 5/3.1) (from Ch. 73, par. 615.1)
    Sec. 3.1. Definitions of admitted assets. "Admitted Assets" includes the investments authorized or permitted by this Code, the credit for reinsurance allowed by this Code, and in addition thereto, only the following:
    (1) Amounts, other than premium, receivable from affiliates, not outstanding for more than 3 months, and arising under, management contracts or service agreements which meet the requirements of Section 141.1 of the Illinois Insurance Code to the extent that the affiliate has liquid assets sufficient to pay the balance. The amount of those receivables included in admitted assets may not exceed the lesser of 5% of the company's admitted assets or 10% of the company's surplus as regards policyholders. For purposes of this subsection, "affiliate" has the meaning given that term in Article VIII 1/2 of the Illinois Insurance Code.
    (2) Amounts permitted under Section 136.
(Source: P.A. 90-418, eff. 8-15-97; 91-549, eff. 8-14-99.)