(215 ILCS 5/179E-55)
    Sec. 179E-55. Records and financial reports.
    (a) The records of the SPRV must be maintained in this State and must be available for examination by the Department. The Director shall have the right to examine the records of an SPRV at any time. No later than 5 months after the fiscal year end of the SPRV, the SPRV must file with the Director an audit by a certified public accounting firm of the financial statements of the SPRV and the trust accounts.
    (b) No later than March 1 of each year, an SPRV organized under this Article must file with the Director a statement of operations, including, but not limited to, a statement of income, a balance sheet, and a detailed listing of invested assets, including identification of assets held in trust to secure the SPRV's obligations under the SPRV contract, for the year ending the previous December 31. The statements shall be prepared in accordance with Section 136 of this Code on such forms and shall reveal such information as shall be required by the Director.
    (c) An SPRV must keep its books and records in a manner so that its financial condition, affairs, and operations can be ascertained, its financial statements filed with the Director can be readily verified, and its compliance with the provisions of this Article can be determined. An SPRV may cause any or all of the books or records to be photographed, reproduced on film, or stored and reproduced electronically.
    (d) All original books, records, documents, accounts, and vouchers, or reproductions of those items, must be preserved and kept available in this State for the purpose of examination and until authority to destroy or otherwise dispose of the records is secured from the Director. The original records may, however, be kept and maintained outside this State if, according to a plan adopted by the SPRV's board of directors and approved by the Director, it maintains other suitable records.
(Source: P.A. 92-124, eff. 7-20-01.)