(215 ILCS 5/168) (from Ch. 73, par. 780)
    Sec. 168. Rights of dissenting policyholder of domestic company.
    (1) If not less than five per centum of all the policyholders in any domestic company who were entitled to vote with respect to any merger or consolidation and who did not vote in favor of such merger or consolidation at the meeting at which the agreement of merger or consolidation was adopted by the policyholders of such company, or if not less than five per centum of the members of any domestic fraternal benefit society party to a merger or consolidation shall file, at any time within thirty days after the agreement of merger or consolidation is effected, a petition with the Director for a hearing upon such agreement of merger or consolidation, the Director shall order a hearing upon said petition, fix the time and place of such hearing, and give written notice to the companies that are parties to the merger or consolidation, at least fifteen days before the date of such hearing. Any member or policyholder so petitioning may appear before the Director at such hearing, either in person or by an attorney, and be heard with reference to said agreement. If, upon such hearing being had, the Director finds that the interests of the members or policyholders, as the case may be, of such company are not properly protected, or if he finds that any reasonable objection exists to such agreement, he shall enter an order revoking the approval already given, and the agreement of merger or consolidation shall, thereupon, become null and void.
    (2) The Director shall have like power to revoke any approval of any such agreement if any officer, director or employee of any company party to such agreement shall, after reasonable notice, fail or refuse without reasonable cause to attend and testify at such hearing, or to produce any books or papers called for by said Director.
(Source: Laws 1937, p. 696.)