(215 ILCS 5/156) (from Ch. 73, par. 768)
    Sec. 156. Merger and consolidation permitted.
    (a) Upon complying with the provisions of this article, any domestic company, except a Lloyds, is hereby authorized and empowered to merge or consolidate with any domestic company or with any foreign or alien company, except a Lloyds if the surviving company meets the requirements for authorization to engage in the insurance business in this state and, if such merger or consolidation is authorized by the laws of the state or country under which such foreign or alien company is incorporated or organized.
    (b) The Director may permit the formation of a domestic stock company that is established for the sole purpose of merging or consolidating with an existing stock company simultaneously with the effectiveness of a division authorized by this Code. Upon request of the dividing company, the Director may waive the requirements of Section 131.8 of this Code. Each domestic stock company formed under this subsection shall be deemed to exist before a merger and division under this Section becomes effective, but solely for the purpose of being a party to such merger and division. The Director shall not require that such domestic stock company be licensed to transact insurance business in this state before such merger and division. All insurance policies, annuities, or reinsurance agreements allocated to such domestic stock company shall become the obligation of the domestic stock company that survives the merger simultaneously with the effectiveness of the merger and division. The plan of merger or consolidation shall be deemed to have been authorized and approved by such domestic stock company if the dividing company authorized and approved such plan. The certificate of merger shall state that it was approved by the domestic stock company formed under this subsection.
(Source: P.A. 100-1118, eff. 11-27-18.)