(215 ILCS 5/143.19.2)
    Sec. 143.19.2. Volunteer driver protection.
    (a) For the purpose of this Section, "volunteer driver" means a person who transports by vehicle individuals or goods without compensation above reimbursement for expenses, where the driving services are performed for a nationally affiliated charitable nonprofit organization operating in Area Agencies on Aging areas number 3 or 12, as designated by the Department on Aging, that allows older individuals to transfer their automobiles to the organization in exchange for personal transportation services.
    (b) An insurer may not refuse to issue vehicle insurance to a person solely because the applicant is a volunteer driver. An insurer may not impose a surcharge or otherwise increase the rate for a vehicle policy solely on the basis that the named insured or any member of the insured's household or a person who customarily operates the insured's vehicle is a volunteer driver. This Section shall not prohibit an insurer from taking any actions upon factors other than the volunteer status of the insured driver.
(Source: P.A. 97-285, eff. 8-9-11.)