(215 ILCS 5/1412)
    Sec. 1412. Solicitations to loan applicants.
    (a) A financial institution that requires a customer to obtain insurance in connection with a loan or extension of credit and that offers that insurance either directly or through an affiliate shall clearly disclose to the customer in writing at the time of written application or at closing if no written application is obtained in a form substantially similar to the following:
        "You may obtain insurance required in connection with
your loan or extension of credit from any insurance agent, broker, or firm that sells such insurance. Your choice of insurance provider will not affect our credit decision or your credit terms.".
    (b) This Section shall not apply when a financial institution is contacting a customer in the course of direct or mass marketing to a group of persons in a manner that bears no relation to the customer's loan application or credit decision.
(Source: P.A. 90-41, eff. 10-1-97.)