(215 ILCS 5/141) (from Ch. 73, par. 753)
    Sec. 141. Agency contracts. (1) Any domestic company which contracts with any person (different legal entities, directly or indirectly owned or controlled by the same person shall be considered as a person within the meaning of this Section) whereby such person is granted the right or privilege to solicit, procure, write or produce a major part of the insurance business for such company and collect premiums therefor shall file such contract with the Director within 15 days from the execution of such contract or within 60 days following the end of any calendar quarter in which such person produces a major portion of the company's insurance business. For purposes of this Section, any person who produces in excess of five percent (5%) of a company's insurance premium volume during any one calendar quarter shall be deemed as having been granted the privilege of producing a major portion of such company's business. Failure of the Director to disapprove any such contract within thirty days after the same shall be filed with him, shall constitute his approval thereof. A company may continue to accept business from such person until such contract is disapproved by the Director. Such disapproval shall be in writing, stating the reasons therefor and a copy thereof delivered to the company.
    (2) The Director shall not approve any such contract which
    (a) subjects the company to excessive charges for expenses or commissions;
    (b) vests in the agent or agency company any control over the management of the affairs of the insurance company to the exclusion of the board of directors of the insurance company;
    (c) gives to such person, the right to solicit, procure, write or produce a major part of the insurance business for such insurance company and collect and hold the premiums for such unreasonable period as may jeopardize the security of policyholders; or
    (d) fails to require such person to make available to the Director or his designees all books, records and documents pertaining to such person's insurance business.
    (3) The Director shall not approve any contract with any person if such person or its officers and directors are of known bad character or have been affiliated directly or indirectly through ownership, control, management, reinsurance transactions or other insurance or business relationships with any person or persons known to have been involved in the improper manipulation of assets, accounts or reinsurance.     (4) The Director, for the purpose of ascertaining the assets, conditions and affairs of any person having a contract as provided in subsection (1), may examine the books, records, documents and assets of such person.
    (5) The Director may, after a hearing held pursuant to Section 401, withdraw his approval of any agency contract theretofore approved by him, if he finds that the basis of his original approval no longer exist, or that the contract has, in actual operation, shown itself to be subject to disapproval on any of the grounds referred to in subsections (2) and (3) above.
(Source: P.A. 84-714.)